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Pro-Poor Public-Private Partnership (5P) Project

About the project

ESCAP was implementing a project that aimed to improve access to energy services for the rural poor and promote the application of renewable energy through Pro-Poor Public-Private Partnership (5P).

It also promoted social inclusiveness (including gender responsiveness) as one of the key requirements for developing PPPs. The project developed the capacity of decision and policy-makers, communities and private sectors, as well as NGOs from developing countries to enhance energy security and improve energy services in an integrated manner with locally available renewable energy resources.

Local workers install solar panels to bring electricity to the villagers in Dubung, Nepal.
Quote from Ban Ki-Moon, former UN Secretary-General

Project details

Client name:
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
Bangkok, Thailand
Sept, 2014
March, 2015
Communications management and web development & Sustainable development and social justice


As the communication strategy consultant we led the development of an outreach strategy targeting key private sector investors in the region and providing high-visibility for the project.

We were also in charge of implementing of a consistent partnership strategy throughout the 5 regional cooperating commissions.

Main outputs

  • Created and managed the 5P Project communications strategy and oversaw its implementation
  • Led the design and development of print communications products (logotype, presentation folder, publications, brochures, leaflets, canvas print, event communications)
  • Led the design and development of web and digital communications products (website, newsletter, blog, video clips and other promotional materials)
Screenshot of the 5P Project brochure

Communications management and web development

We provided support to the 5P Approach on various strategy, communications and website development related activities, including the overall development of the 5P communications strategy and branding, the 5P Approach website servicing, layout, content and design, and communications outreach specifically for 5P related events/forums.

We created and produced a comprehensive visual identity including various advertising materials for all kind of media. We also oversaw the communication activities for the Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT) Global Leaders Programme.


  • Communications strategy development and implementation
  • Online marketing campaign development and design
  • Communications materials creation and production (web and print)
  • Web portal design and maintenance
  • Email configuration
  • Mailing software setup
Global Leaders Programme on Pro-Poor Public-Private Partnership: Scaling-up off-grid rural electrification in Lao PDR.
5P Project print and web communications materials.